Established in Fall 2020, The Wardrobe By Nia along with our sister brands Raw Fit Collection, and Sport of Fashion, has quickly become one of the most fashionably sought-after workout and accecory lines of this decade.

Known for our creative designs, and unmatched quality, and unique hardware,our entire aesthetics around these brands are fashion-forward, colorful, and alluring. Most of all The Wardrobe by Nia; is designed with everyone’s personal style in mind.

“While creating this collection, I put a lot of focus and effort on the quality of the fabric, the quality of the hardware of each accessory, and how each piece should adorn each customer’s unique fit.” States Nia Davis

Nia Davis is the Founder and CEO of The Wardrobe by Nia. Also serving as the lead designer she approves every piece of detail. Hailing from Washington, DC, it’s no surprise Davis ahs a fluent and educated background in fashion design and styling.

“I’m all about authenticity and staying true to your own style. This is the focal point of my brand, I want people to feel comfortable being their raw authentic selves, especially while wearing either of my collections.” -States Nia Davis.

Be You, Be Unapologetic, But Most Of All Be Raw.